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2:00 PM - Presenting the 2019 Carnegie Shortlist
2:00 PM - Social Media and Volunteer Engagement
3:00 PM - Health Literacy Begins at Your Library
10:00 AM - Minerva Executive Board Meeting
10:00 AM - The Basics of the Digital Maine Library
10:15 AM - Children's & Young Adult Book Review
11:00 AM - NCompass Live: Graphic Novel Collection and Programming
2:00 PM - Accelerating Promising Practices for Small Libraries
2:00 PM - Getting the Most Bang from Your Board (Of Directors): Leading Your Program’s Board Room
1:00 PM - Asking Styles: A Revolutionary Concept in Fundraising
1:00 PM - Nonprofit Tech Trends 2019
2:00 PM - People - Difficult or Different?
12:00 PM - The Best Free One-Hour Cybersecurity Awareness Training Ever
2:00 PM - Presenting the 2019 Morris Award Finalists (Booklist)
2:00 PM - TechSoup Tour: How to Access Donations, Discounts, and Resources
3:00 PM - Implicit Bias in the Library Workplace
2:00 PM - Do You Speak Possibility?
2:00 PM - Making the Move from Summer Reading to Summer Learning Email✉
1:00 PM - Your Guide to Free Tax Prep Services
12:00 PM - Providing Great Library Service with Skill and Empathy
2:00 PM - Size Doesn't Matter: Transforming Big Ideas into Small Library Environments
3:00 PM - Leadership in Youth Services, Part 3: Moving Beyond Youth Services
3:00 PM - The Future Is Now: Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality in Public Libraries
3:00 PM - I Inherited a Mess! What Do I Do Now?
9:30 AM - Tackling the Public Library Annual Report
12:00 PM - Building and Maintaining a Graphic Novel and Comics Collection
7:00 PM - Moving Diversity Forward: Using Embedded Diversity Practices to Enhance Learning Opportunities for Youth